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About Us

Lillard Lawn and Landscaping serves the bulk of the Collin County area and many other parts of North Texas! 

EXPERIENCE is why so many trust us with their lawn and landscaping needs from the Cities of Plano and Richardson to local churches and businesses to the many residential clients we have all over Collin County.

BEST SERVICE. GREAT VALUE – At Lillard Lawn Care, value is more important than price, therefore, we never sacrifice the quality of our services! Our reputation for quality and dependability is paramount to our success. while our pricing is always competitive, it isn’t our driving force. We realize our customer’s needs and customize our services to meet your requests. You may choose only the services you require to meet your goals..

THE COMMERCIAL LAWN EXPERTS – Lillard Lawn Care is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the Metroplex. Over 80% of our business is commercial lawn care. Let us show you the Lillard Lawn difference!

We are here to serve your Commercial and Residential lawn and landscaping needs with any combination of the following services:

  • Irrigation 
  • Mow lawn areas, line trim around perimeter areas, edge and blow off debris from sidewalks, patios, and driveways
  • Hand pull weeds from flowerbeds and chemically remove weeds from walkways and drives as needed
  • Trim shrubs and ornamental trees as to maintain natural or sculptured shapes
  • Test and adjust sprinkler to maintain proper and adequate operation
  • Fertilize turf and treat for weeds as required to maintain an appealing appearance
  • Fertilize landscape plants and trees
  • Apply seasonal ant control to manage fire ant population on property
  • Core aerate turf areas for optimal health
  • Flowers and mulch
  • Shrub and bed maintenance 
  • General cleanup


Location: McKinney, TX
Year Founded: 1992