Peter A. Cohen

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Brings over 50 years of leadership experience in finance and investing, with expertise in allocating capital to launch, build and lead public and private companies including Shearson Lehman American Express, Scientific Games, Ramius Capital Group ($13 billion AUM) and Cowen & Co. (NASDAQ: COWN). His board memberships include NYSE, the Depository Trust Company, Shearson Lehman American Express, Kroll Inc, Telecom Italia and the New York Federal Reserve’s Capital Markets Advisory Committee. He has also spent 30 years on the board of Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Milun K. Patel

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Corporate Development

Brings 18 years of investing experience in equities, corporate-debt and private placements. Mr. Patel most recently served as a Partner at Overbrook Management and Portfolio Manager at KLS Diversified Asset Management, both hedge-funds, where he focused on equities, fixed-income, and private placements. Mr. Patel has extensive experience in the investment banking industry having held senior roles at Jefferies and Bear Stearns, including several years in Europe and Asia. Mr. Patel started his investment career as an analyst at O.S.S. Capital, an equity hedge-fund based in New York.

George S. Blumenthal

Senior Advisor

Brings nearly 50 years of leadership experience in building, managing, and operating public and private companies, with expertise in capital allocation, business operations, and corporate strategy. A pioneer in the wireless and cable industries, Mr. Blumenthal founded Cellular Communications, Inc. (CCI), Cellular Communications of Puerto Rico (CCPR), Cellular Communications of Italy (CCIL), and International CableTel in Europe (NTL) – each of which raised substantial amounts of capital to aggregate cellular telephone or cable television licenses across various geographic regions. Outside of telecommunications, Mr. Blumenthal founded a medical technology company, purchased by Johnson & Johnson, and served as a Director of Sotheby’s Holdings.